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Meet the Pups!

Black Boy Bo 4.jpg

Bubba has a slight wrinkle in his nose and a little bit of wavy hair on his ears which makes him cute, cute, cute! He is the most mellow in the group and will make a great cuddle dog and loyal companion. This boy is as sweet as he is cute!

Yellow Captain.jpg

Captain is a very handsome, super-sweet dude! He has the ability to be the biggest attitude in the litter, but he is often at the bottom of a wrestling pile being bitten by one of his sisters. Pick him up and he will melt into you and steal your heart! Get your couch and bed prepared to bring this boy home!


Lilly is so sweet and polite. Often, she will come sit at our feet, paw at our leg and wait to be acknowledged. Such a nice girl, yet she can be somewhat feisty as well. She has a well-rounded personality and energy to keep up with her new family.

Pink Girl 4.jpg
Red Girl 3.jpg

Rose is a little love-bug! She is curious and loves to be held and snuggled. She'll lick you until you giggle and then she'll wag her tail with excitement and want to play more. This girl will be a delightful, and happy addition to her new family 

White Girl Bella 5.jpg

Belle is a true doll! This girl likes to come say hello and snuggle, but she is also playful and inquisitive. She is the runt of the bunch but she's not small in her personality!

Green Boy BEST.jpg

Forest doesn't demand to be seen, but he's not the most laid-back of the boys either. He can be independent or cuddled and he's happy either way. A great dog to fit any family or lifestyle. 

Orange Girl 4.jpg

Josie is a sweet, mellow girl who will make a wonderful companion for anyone. She has a very well-balanced personality, loves to cuddle and will want to be by your side in everything you do!

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